The perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones

Bee propolis is more than just a product. It's a lifestyle
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Origin of Bee Propolis

The word Propolis derived from the Greek words “pro” meaning in front of and “polis” meaning city, implying “frontal defence” or “defender of the city”.
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Natural Bioflavonoid

Natural bioflavonoid is an anti-oxidant as well as a natural antibiotics without the side effects on liver and kidney from ordinary antibiotics.
Throatezze is more than a candy. It smoothens my throat and keeps me awake. My favourite flavour is natural mint. Give it a try and you'll see how magical it is!

Paul Tanker Gold Gym @Boston

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Natural Gift for Everyone

Propolis can alleviate cold, flu, cough and other symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection. It's nature’s gift of antibiotic and antioxidant to mankind.
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Every One Deserves a Healthy Lifestyle

Throatezze© Propolis Drops is suitable for lawyers, teachers, instructors, vocalists and salespersons. It also helps to alleviate the throat irritation in people who smoke, inhale second-hand smoke or other air pollutants.
I am "addicted" to Throatezze. My best buddy on travel, good for all members in my family. Even my friends are loving it when they receive it as a gift.

Rachel Williams PRODD Design LLP

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